Sunday, July 12, 2009

How Old Am I?

There are some things that I know my family loves, but I just don’t ever buy them. Its not because I don’t want to make the people in my family happy, things just have to be “cost effective” for me to buy them (unless its something I want). An example of this is yummy, delicious pop-tarts. My kids & my husband love pop-tarts but I never buy them. Seriously, never. Now rewind to a few weeks ago.

I was feeling very stupid brave & I decided to take the kids to Costco with me because I needed to restock our snack supply (the bottomless pits have been eating us out of house & home this summer). It actually wasn’t too bad (I mean people who have been tortured to give up top secret information have endured worse). We were navigating our way down the cereal isle & that’s when it happened. You guessed it…one of the kids spotted pop-tarts, the yummy, delicious treat that mom never, ever buys. Well, because I was feeling tired generous & because I would be buying in bulk (so they would be more “cost effective”) I told them we could get some. Now fast forward to today.

The last of our pop-tarts have been eaten, they’re all gone, the last pack has been toasted and washed down with a cold glass of milk….and I’m sad about it. As it turns out I too love yummy delicious pop-tarts. I keep telling myself that it’s for the best that they're gone. They’re certainly not the healthiest breakfast I’ve ever offered my family. After all I’m a grown woman not a 5 year old. I don’t need pop-tarts, but unfortunately it looks like I am really going to miss them.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The End of the Hiatus is Finally Here!

Well, blogger friends (if there are any of you out there) I am officially ending the hiatus I took from blogging. It was never planned or intentional, but days turned into weeks & weeks turned into months. It hasn't helped that my darling little Sony Vaio has decided it no longer wants to let me on the internet, or that my kids have kept me unnaturally busy this summer (apparently there are countless camps & activities that we have been missing out on in summers past), oh and who can forget the ever present job search that I have embarked on this summer (along with about 2,000 other prospective teachers!)

Who am I kidding...these are just excuses. My laptop is not my only access to the internet, my kids always keep me busy, & it's not like I'm the only busy person out there. There are millions of people way busier than me, who manage to get much more than me done everyday & they all probably still manage to blog on a regular basis!

The reason for the break isn't what’s important anyway, what’s important is that its over & I am back with a renewed enthusiasm for blogging! I know you're all giddy with excitement (all one of you...hi mom) for what's to come & I am too, but I'll be honest--I have no idea what’s to come, but I vow to do my best to stay committed & to entertain (or more probably bore) you with the excitement (more truthfully nothingness) of my days!

By the way, I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!! Here's a little something for you to enjoy just in case you're not...