Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let me Clarify

I may need to clear something up. My dear friend told me yesterday that after “scanning” my latest post she was under the impression that I had been sitting at home pondering how Los Angeles got its name. Am I the only one that is cracking up over the image of me sitting around worried about how Los Angeles got its name to the point that I would blog about it!! I’m still laughing about this. So in case there was any confusion for anyone else that read it, here’s the whole story.

I was on the computer (working on something very, very important & definitely not just wasting my time) when my six year old comes up to me and says, “Why did they name Lost Angeles, Lost Angeles? Could they not find it or something, was it lost?” Until he finished the entire question, I didn’t realize that he was saying Lost Angeles so I was wondering how in the world was I supposed to know why that city was given that name (and what was I going to make up to make myself seem super smart). Of course once I figured out what he was saying, I explained that it was actually named Los Angeles, and I even wrote it down for him to see the difference (because I’m that good of a mother).

I hope this has cleared up any confusion there might have been. I’m sure all of you have been thinking about this & only this since you first read that post so I wanted to get things straightened out asap so you could all get back to your lives.

The funniest part of all of this is that I have now posted twice about a city I have no connection to, have never been to, & really don't care that much about.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lost Angeles?

Why did they name Los Angeles, Los Angeles? Could they really not find it or something…was it lost?

Has anyone else answered any questions like this today? :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dream Job

Do any of you ever consider what your dream job would be? If you could just say the words and it would happen, what would you choose to do? I have spent a fair (okay a ridiculous) amount of time lately thinking about getting a job and it’s made me consider what my dream job would be. In all honesty, I have been so very blessed because I have had my dream job for last 11years. Unfortunately, my dream job had an expiration date. I’m stating that with a tear in my eye, but its true…life goes on. I know that some people continue to stay at home after their kids are in school, but for me its just not the same without little ones running around driving me crazy, so its time for me to move on.

Of course I’m hoping to get a teaching job and I am really looking forward to having a classroom and working children. That being said, I can’t help but consider, if I could do anything, absolutely anything, what would I choose.

Teaching would definitely still be on my list. I really do think that I’ll love teaching, and after being a mom, it is what I always thought I would do. However, if I wasn’t limited in any way there are some other things that I think I would enjoy as well.

I would love to be an author & write books: I love books in general, they just make me happy. I love reading, I always have. Honestly, I am very attached to several fictional characters. To me it would be incredibly fulfilling to create characters and their world that they live in. To just be able to create something from nothing, and find out where it goes & what happens. Take Harry Potter for example (whether or not you’re a fan is irrelevant I’m just using this as an example because HP is so popular). Before J.K. Rowling wrote that first book Harry Potter didn’t exist, she created him and made him come alive. There is a whole Harry Potter world that exists now because of her. I just think being able to do something like that would be amazing.

I also think I would enjoy being a photographer. Not the kind of photographer that takes portraits of our kids & families. I would want to be the kind that captures life and the world around us. I would want to take those pictures that seem more like works of art than photographs.

I would also love (brace yourselves, this is definitely the most far-fetched) to be on Broadway. I really, really love musicals and plays. When Chris & I went to New York a couple of years ago we saw 4 shows while we were there if that gives you any indication of how much I love, love, love these shows. This too, would be amazing. To take a character and make it come to life, to actually become that character for a short time, oooohhh, I love it!

Well, there you have it. A few of the things I would do with myself if ability, training, and talent were optional! However, since I live in the real world, and those things do matter, I will just be content with enjoying the talent of others.

Now, what would you do? If the possibilities were limitless, and little things like talent and ability couldn’t stand in your way. What would your dream job be?