Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm Obviously a Liar with a Bad Memory

Does anyone else find it ironic that I wrote a blog titled The End of the Hiatus is Finally Here, wrote one other blog, and then didn't blog again for 9 months? Do two blogs really mark the end of a hiatus? Well, I will not tell such lies again today. I'll be honest & say that I may not blog again for another two years after this one pitiful little blog.

I'm actually only blogging now because a friend who is probably possibly the only person who even reads my blog, reminded me recently that I even have a blog. I had forgotten about it. You may be thinking, "She is obviously exaggerating, I doubt she actually forgot about it." Well, if that's what you were thinking, you're wrong.

I really did forget about it. I forgot about it to the point of having to go to my friend's blog to even get to my blog because I couldn't remember the url address (I really thought it was the name of the blog but apparently it's not). Then I could not, I repeat, could NOT remember my password. Why isn't it the same password I use for everything else, you may ask. Well the answer to that is, I have no idea. I guess that would be too easy, or maybe I was worried about some family member signing into my account, posing and blogging as me. But why would that have been a problem, because then at least my blog would have been put to use, and not just wasting cyberspace. Anyway, to make a short story even longer, I spent 10-15 minutes trying possible passwords, finally gave up, and just had to reset the password so that I could sign in.

That brings us to here. Me posting the actual potentially most boring blog anyone has ever posted. All of this to say I kind of miss blogging, and hopefully (I understand that you don't care either way) I'll do better.

On a side note, everyone else's blog that I looked at was super cute with tons of new blogs (which makes sense seeing as I haven't read any of them in 9 or so months). Maybe everyone can pass on some "keeping blogs current" secrets to me. Its obviously a problem I struggle with :)

Also, is anyone else as excited for summer as me? I can't wait. It's so close I can almost feel the suffocating humidity now...