Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm Obviously a Liar with a Bad Memory

Does anyone else find it ironic that I wrote a blog titled The End of the Hiatus is Finally Here, wrote one other blog, and then didn't blog again for 9 months? Do two blogs really mark the end of a hiatus? Well, I will not tell such lies again today. I'll be honest & say that I may not blog again for another two years after this one pitiful little blog.

I'm actually only blogging now because a friend who is probably possibly the only person who even reads my blog, reminded me recently that I even have a blog. I had forgotten about it. You may be thinking, "She is obviously exaggerating, I doubt she actually forgot about it." Well, if that's what you were thinking, you're wrong.

I really did forget about it. I forgot about it to the point of having to go to my friend's blog to even get to my blog because I couldn't remember the url address (I really thought it was the name of the blog but apparently it's not). Then I could not, I repeat, could NOT remember my password. Why isn't it the same password I use for everything else, you may ask. Well the answer to that is, I have no idea. I guess that would be too easy, or maybe I was worried about some family member signing into my account, posing and blogging as me. But why would that have been a problem, because then at least my blog would have been put to use, and not just wasting cyberspace. Anyway, to make a short story even longer, I spent 10-15 minutes trying possible passwords, finally gave up, and just had to reset the password so that I could sign in.

That brings us to here. Me posting the actual potentially most boring blog anyone has ever posted. All of this to say I kind of miss blogging, and hopefully (I understand that you don't care either way) I'll do better.

On a side note, everyone else's blog that I looked at was super cute with tons of new blogs (which makes sense seeing as I haven't read any of them in 9 or so months). Maybe everyone can pass on some "keeping blogs current" secrets to me. Its obviously a problem I struggle with :)

Also, is anyone else as excited for summer as me? I can't wait. It's so close I can almost feel the suffocating humidity now...


  1. YAY!!!!! You're back! I was laughing out loud while I was reading your "poor pitiful little blog", which I don't think is pitiful! I'm so glad you started again, even though it took you a little while to figure out the password...awww. You just need to do like me and have the same password for everything and then you might just lose your identity. It's worked for me so far :) I can help with your little blog. Just let me know what you want because blog design is right down my alley. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Anyway, I'm so excited you're back and I'm not the only person that reads it!!! If you post it they will come :)

  2. You my friend, CRACK.ME.UP! Forgetting that you had a blog...classic! I miss the Andersons. MUST.SEE.SOON.

  3. I love you Stacy! I can't wait to see pics of us in overalls plastered all over this blog :)

  4. I still have you on my list! I was so excited to see you pop up with a new post! I couldn't believe that you actually FORGOT you had a blog...but I'm glad someone reminded you. You always make me laugh when you blog--keep it up!