Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Let me Clarify

I may need to clear something up. My dear friend told me yesterday that after “scanning” my latest post she was under the impression that I had been sitting at home pondering how Los Angeles got its name. Am I the only one that is cracking up over the image of me sitting around worried about how Los Angeles got its name to the point that I would blog about it!! I’m still laughing about this. So in case there was any confusion for anyone else that read it, here’s the whole story.

I was on the computer (working on something very, very important & definitely not just wasting my time) when my six year old comes up to me and says, “Why did they name Lost Angeles, Lost Angeles? Could they not find it or something, was it lost?” Until he finished the entire question, I didn’t realize that he was saying Lost Angeles so I was wondering how in the world was I supposed to know why that city was given that name (and what was I going to make up to make myself seem super smart). Of course once I figured out what he was saying, I explained that it was actually named Los Angeles, and I even wrote it down for him to see the difference (because I’m that good of a mother).

I hope this has cleared up any confusion there might have been. I’m sure all of you have been thinking about this & only this since you first read that post so I wanted to get things straightened out asap so you could all get back to your lives.

The funniest part of all of this is that I have now posted twice about a city I have no connection to, have never been to, & really don't care that much about.


  1. Funny stuff. Stacy, everything that comes out of your mouth cracks me up! I wish you guys lived closer.

  2. I am laughing outloud right now!!! te he he That wasn't me was it?

  3. I personally find it disgusting that you would post a question to your blog for all the world to see and then, when someone calls you out on how crazy it was, you blame it on your six year old child. What kind of mother are you? :o)