Friday, March 13, 2009


Spring Break is finally here!! I am so excited about Spring Break this year. Just the name is exciting for me--Spring Break--its screaming winter is on its way out & spring is here. I can remember way back when before I had kids in school & spring break meant nothing to me, but ever since I've had a child in school I always look forward to spring break (and fall break, christmas break, and summer...basically anytime they don't have to go to school!). I think for whatever reason I'm even more excited this year. Even though I don't have an exciting trip planned, I just love not having to get up, get everyone ready, & get out the door. We can stay in our pjs all day if we want to, play, and just be together. I'm not exactly sure what we have planned or what we will end up doing, but regardless of what we do I'm just excited to have some family time.

I hope everyone has a great spring break...even if spring break doesn't really mean anything to you :)

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  1. Breaks are definitely the best...even when you don't have a big...or little trip planned! I can see now it's a good thing that we didn't have any big adventures planned since it looks like we'll be at the ballfield practicing all week, BUT I do love baseball so it's all good :) Looking forward to our little date next week!!!