Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lately I've been thinking...

It seems like all I can think about lately is going on a vacation. I'm constantly thinking about vacations we've been on in the past, and places I want to go. It has taken every bit of willpower I have not to book a disney vacation for us over spring break. I keep trying to justify spending the money on a vacation by telling myself that our kids will only be this age once, and we've got to take advantage of this time. I've even been checking the internet for information about various vacation spots. I've also found myself wandering over to my photo albums and looking through pictures of places we've been (I'm pretty sure I have a sickness but instead of putting my money toward therapy to fix this problem I am going to put it towards a vacation). I'm sure this dreary January weather has something to do with it. I also just really LOVE traveling and going on vacations (basically I am always ready to go somewhere). Anyway, since I am trying to be strong and fight against this sickness I'm just going to continue dreaming of where I want to go, and trying to save my money like a responsible person should do. Although I'm not sure how long past vacation memories and pictures will hold me off because lets face it, how responsible do I really want to be :)

In case you're (and by you I mean Chris this is where I want to go) interested here are some of my top vacation spots:
Disneyworld: I love it. We always have so much fun here. I could live in disneyworld and not get tired of it
New York: Chris & I went here almost two years ago and we had the best time. I really love it & I would love to take the kids
The Beach: I always love the beach. What's not to love; sun, sand, & pools. We always have a great time here too.
Lake Tahoe: I've never been but I bet its beautiful
Colorado or Utah for snow skiing: We went to Colorado about 8 yrs. ago & had a great time. I would love to take all the kids skiing.
Washington D.C.: This is somewhere that I haven't been since I was a kid. I would love to go and take my kids.
Chicago: we've been several times & it is a really fun city
Hawaii: I haven't ever been here, but I would love to see it
There are so many other places on my list but I just realized that this is getting ridiculously long. I have only gone through places in the US, I haven't even gotten to other countries I want to see. I'll save that for another blog, another day.

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  1. I'm so excited that you're now a blogger!!! I love the title. I must admit that as I reflect on the ordinary things that I blog about that I do realize how really blessed I am to have kids that I think are incredible (well, most days I feel like that anyway-HA!HA!) Also, a lot of things that are really not funny at that time when I go to type them, are suddenly quite humorous. I guess you could say it's good therapy for me & it's free :)

    And, just for the record "vacation fever" is rampant, although I'm not in the mood for any of those cold places you mentioned. I want the warm sun pulling my millions of freckles out of their hibernation :)